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Alicia DiPerri

Pinky’s 6th Birthday / Gotchya Day


Its my Pinky girls gotchya day!! Well actually, its tomorrow but we got really excited about the cupcakes. Since we don’t know her actual birthday, we decided to make her birthday her gotchya day. Naturally being extra and a photographer meant that Pinky had to get her birthday pictures taken! My girl is 6 today and I just have to say…what a year.

When Pinky was rescued by Greenville Humane Society, she was in VERY bad shape. All bones, no fur (hence the name Pinky), scared of people, over bred, heart worm, and many other health issues. They said that it took her 2 weeks just to be able to let someone pet her because she didn’t trust people since she had most likely experienced a lot of abuse.

Fast forward to today and her favorite thing in the world is cuddling people and eating treats. She has been heart worm negative, AND beat cancer. Pinky goes to sleep every night either cuddled with me or in her bed with her favorite pink blanky. The girl has traveled many places, all the way from the city to the beach! She spent Christmas in matching pajamas, with her own stocking! Thanksgiving looked like lots of gravy and turkey in her bowl. But most importantly, she is loved by so so many.

I hope that this year has been the best of her life! Because it definitely has been mine! My friend, Dylan fostered Pinky and brought her by my house to watch her for him while he went to work. I quickly became obsessed, obviously haha. That next week he took her back to the humane society and he sent me a picture of the her sad on the other side of the door when he dropped her off. I cried in the library, then called him and told him that I was picking him up after class to ride with me to go get Pinky!

I absolutely had no intentions of getting a dog when I woke up that day, considering I was a broke college student. But as cheesy as it sounds, I needed her just as much as she needed me. So today, I’m going to be super extra and take pictures of my Pinky girl in a birthday hat eating a cupcake. Because why not haha! Happy gotchya day/ 6th birthday Pink!


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