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Alicia DiPerri

Kathryn & Kenneth | Driftwood Beach Engagement Photos Jekyll Island


Wow oh wow do I have a lot to say about these Driftwood Beach engagement photos in Jekyll Island! Most of what I have to say is about the people in the photos. Kathryn and Kenneth are truly one of the strongest and most amazing couples I know. Kathryn and I met during one of the toughest times of both of our lives. We were both living in Durham, NC at the time. She was there on the list to receive her double lung and liver transplant. I was there to caretake for my mother who was on the list to get her double lung transplant. Not so surprisingly, being the only two girls there our age, we became fast friends!

Actually…that’s not completely true. The first time we hung out, we were supposed to watch the Bachelor. But I talked too much and she told her dad that she never wanted me over for bachelor again HAHA! But we gave it another shot anyway, because again, we were the only ones there our age lol. So we decided to meet at Starbucks to study, but on the drive there, I got hit by a bus! Of course. So I had to talk to the police at Starbucks. Pretty much seemed like this friendship was NOT meant to happen haha! BUT, we overcame and quickly began hanging out everyday, practicing “transplant hair”, doing paint by numbers, drinking Starbucks refreshers, and…even watching lots of Bachelor haha! Oh how things come full circle.

Not long after meeting Kathryn, I met Kenneth. Ironically, the first time I ever met him, we were taking couples pictures haha! Everyone thought they were engagement pictures, but now they FINALLY are!! These two are a match made in heaven. I watched as Kenneth cared for Kathryn before, during, and after her transplant. They have been through so much and have come out as one of the strongest most loving couples I know. So to both of you, thank you for trusting me with your engagement pictures and letting me third wheel all weekend. To Kenneth, thanks for taking so good care of my best friends heart. To Kathryn, thanks for being the most loyal, caring friend someone could ever had. LOVE YOU GUYS! I hope you all enjoy their Driftwood Beach engagement photos in Jekyll Island as much as I do!


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