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The Ultimate Wedding Day Bridal Packing List

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Hey hey friends! This blog may be one of my favorites for my brides. The ultimate wedding day bridal packing list. Your wedding day is the day! The day that all of the planning, cake testing, venue touring, list making, and dress shopping has led to. Which is why after ALL of that planning, the last thing you need is to forget something on your wedding day. Yet, it happens all the time. The amount of times I have seen something important get forgotten is too many to count! Which makes sense! Brides have SO many things going on during their wedding day, that the last thing they are thinking about are the small necessities or backups. Yet…a lot of times these are the things we need the most.

Which is why I wanted to make you guys the ultimate wedding day bridal packing list! From one girl to another, I’ve got your back! No more panic as you leave the house, wondering if you have everything. My guide covers everything, big and small! So, if you are a bride prepping for your wedding day, then this one is for you!

I hope you enjoy! Happy planning!

Grab the Printable PDF of the Ultimate Wedding Day Bridal Packing List Below!!

Wedding Day Bridal Packing List

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