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4 Business Podcasts That Helped Grow My Business


I am PUMPED to post this blog! I have had a lot of photographers reach out to me over the years asking me questions about running a business. And the truth of it is, it takes a lot of trial and error. But also, it takes a lot of education and asking questions! Anyone who knows me knows that I LIVE for good business podcasts. It is rare when a day goes by that I don’t listen to a podcast about how to grow and run a successful business. Which is why today I wanted to do something a little different and share the 4 podcasts that helped grow my business from the ground up!

1.) The Heart and Hustle Podcast

Where to even begin for this podcast. Evie and Lindsey are two photographers who started their business from the ground up, and have since transitioned their business into an education platform for other entrepreneurs. They are total boss babes that speak some serious truth! Every podcast is packed with information on how to grow and run a business. If you have a question about running a photography business, chances are they have covered it. Not to mention, they are hilarious and true best friend goals. Grab the link to their podcast here!

2.) Goal Digger Podcast

Jenna Kutcher is a true marketing guru. I loved this podcast SO much that I actually had a binder devoted purely to it. I’m talking dividers and all! Each and every episode leaves you so excited to start applying what you learned. Even on subjects that you think you have a pretty good grasp on, you will most likely still find a ton of new things to apply! Jenna went from being a full time wedding photographer in a small town, to owning a multi million dollar brand. All while being a wife and mom! She speaks from her own tactics that she used to get to where she is now. I can’t express how much I love this podcast, but I will let you guys figure it out for yourself! Click here for the Goal Digger Podcast!

3.) The Jasmine Star Show

You guys, Jasmine is the best! She keeps it real 100% of the time. She is not one to take excuses as to why your business isn’t working. If you are someone that doesn’t like things sugar coated, then this podcast is for you! Jasmine covers SO many amazing topics on how to create a brand that represents you, while also bringing in your target audience. She gets to the point and makes every podcast packed with information. Every time I finish one of her podcasts, I feel like a bad ass ready to take on the day and crush my goals in new ways! She is truly the best motivation, and you are guaranteed a good laugh! To listen to some of her amazing advice for business owners, be sure to grab the link the the Jasmine Star Show here!

4.) The Garyvee Audio Experience

This. Podcast… it’s so good. If you are an entrepreneur, you need to stop what you’re doing and go listen to Gary’s podcast! You will be so motivated in all areas of your business. This podcast is big into getting rid of self doubt and putting in the work. No excuses, just hard work. When you ever need a “hype me up”, this is the one for you! After listening to this podcast, you will be up and running like the confident business owner you are! To listen to his podcast, grab the link here!

I hope that these podcasts are a great start to anyone who is trying to grow their business! If you have a good podcast that you love and want to share with me, feel free to comment! Lets share the love and make some dreams happen!

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