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Mr. & Mrs. Hennigan | Greenville SC Farm Wedding Photos at Arran Farm


Madison and Zach’s Greenville SC Farm Wedding at Arran Farm was hands down one of the most sentimental weddings I have been able to photograph. They have been together for many years before they were able to get married. It was evident that the two had a love and appreciation for each other that has grown over the years.

Their first look came with all of the tears and hugs that one could imagine. I have to say, one of my favorite parts is how Zach looks at Madison. So many times, I would go to tell them a pose and they were already all cuddled up just loving on each other and laughing. I wouldn’t even have to guide them and just start snapping!

Their families were another part of the day that made it so raw. A lot of the day was spent in prayer, thanking God for the day that they had prepared for. Their families cried in personal prayer before the ceremony and even extended an arm out to them during the ceremony to pray then as well.

So if you are like me and love all the feels, then I hope you will like these photos as much as I did!

Greenville SC Farm Wedding

Greenville SC Farm Wedding


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