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Creative Alternatives to a Wedding First Look

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The ultimate wedding question… to have a first look or not to have a first look? What many new brides don’t know is that the decision of having a first look or not plays a MASSIVE part in your wedding day timeline. It is always one of the first questions I ask my brides. To break it down, full bridal party shots, couples portraits, and family photos all depend on that one decision. There are pro’s and con’s to either decision.

Lately, I’ve been getting the question a lot of: “What if we want the scheduling pro’s of a first look but don’t actually want to see each other before hand”. Trust me I get it! I’m an oldies at heart so I love traditions! That is why I am writing this blog post to you! There are several alternatives to a wedding first look that allow you to share that special moment with your loved one, all while keeping tradition. With that being said, let’s get started!

A first touch is a great alternative to a first look! Instead of seeing each other face to face, you are only able to touch the other person and exchange some words! Many people even include a prayer into their first touch. You can do this a few different ways! However, some popular ideas include:

  • Having each other stand on different sides of the door and holding hands around the door.
  • Standing on the other side of a wall and holding hands around the wall
  • Have both the bride and the groom blindfolded and coming in for a sentimental hug
  • Sometimes people even choose to just blindfold the groom and have the bride approach
  • Using a tree to separate the both of you and holding hands around the tree

I have quickly become a big fan of first moments. They are usually filled with so much sentiment and emotion. Talk about anticipation! First moments usually include each other in different rooms or in a place where they are close but can’t see each other. Some examples of first moments that I have seen include:

  • Singing a song to each other as a gift in another room with the door open
  • Sharing a prayer together without seeing or touching each other
  • Writing a note and reading it to your love
  • Exchanging a gift and opening them on opposite sides of the door

There are so many alternatives to a first look that you can bring into your wedding day! This is a time to sit down with your fiance and get creative! At the end of the day, what matters the most is what is special to you guys. Not the schedule or the appealing photos. Although those things are important, it is more important that you have that time to slow down with your love. I hope these alternatives to a wedding first look gave you some fun ideas. Now grab a glass of wine and get planning!

Alternatives to a Wedding First Look


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