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Reasons to Have an Unplugged Wedding

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The ultimate wedding question…plugged or unplugged? We all love our phones, there is no denying that! One of the best things about our phones is that they can capture photos of all the small moments, big moments, and everything in between! All with a little computer in your pocket! I mean, that is truly amazing!

But ask yourself this: would you be taking your cell phone out to capture all of these moments if you spent a lot of money on a professional photographer?! Chances are you would rather have the high quality, well thought out image rather than the blurry, grainy, random photo that your phone will capture. So I am here to tell you, NOT TO WORRY! Your wedding day WILL be captured with the highest of quality photos that capture all of the sentimental moments. With that being said, I’m hoping to be able to inspire you guys to consider having an unplugged wedding with the points we are going to be talking about. Let’s dive in!

1.) Your Professional Wedding Photos Will Be Better

Chances are, you made a good investment in your photographer. Your photos are the only thing that you will have left to remember your wedding day when the flowers are thrown away and the tables are all packed up. So let’s make them count!

When your guests are holding their phones in the middle of the aisle to get that “perfect” shot, your photographer is actually having to maneuver around them. This sometimes even makes it difficult to get the best shots. No one wants a sentimental ceremony photo of a cell phone, am I right?! Your photographer certainty doesn’t, so not only will your photographer be thanking you, but you will also get the best photos of you and your loved ones in the moment! Not those grainy, un-flattering, awkward angled photos!

2.) Your Guests Will Be All In

The fact of the matter is, we can NOT multi-task no matter how hard we try to convince ourselves! This is the same for your guests. After your guest snaps that first shot of you and your new hubby being introduced for the first time onto the dance floor, you want them to be able to continue watching and celebrate that moment with you. Instead, they will most likely be looking down, finding the perfect GIF to go with their story and not jump back into the moment until the very end.

This is a benefit for everyone! Not only are they going to be thankful to soak up the moment, but you and your love will also feel more prioritized! After all, this is a day of celebration!

3.) You & Your Guests Will Have More Privacy

Have you ever posted a photo that you know everyone else will hate but you do it anyway because you look GOOD?! I am 100% guilty of that, and I know you are too! Having an unplugged wedding gives you and your guests the freedom. No more grainy, unflattering phone photos!

Not to mention, do you really want your boss and co-workers to have a window to your open bar celebration through Instagram? A reception is a time to celebrate! You don’t want to have to be worrying about what your friends or guests are posting about you. Take this time to celebrate and enjoy everyones company.

4.) Eliminate The Noise Risk!

Is there anything worse than bowing your head for a prayer over the new couple and having a siren ring tone pierce through the silence?! It is difficult to ensure that everyone has their phone on silent during your ceremony. The last thing you need is the awkward *I’ll continue to pray while Uncle Bob hurries to find the phone in his pocket to turn it off* moment. Skip the stress!

Has this blog made you think about going unplugged, but you don’t know where to start? There are many ways to let your guests know your game plan. Some ideas include: mentioning your unplugged wedding in your RSVP cards or even having your officiant mention before your ceremony to place their phones on silent and refrain from taking photos or videos. The options are endless, now is your time to get creative! I hope this blog helped you in planning your best wedding day!


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