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Erin & Carson | Isle of Palms SC Engagement Photos in Charleston


I don’t know about you guys, but it feels like in SC it has been cloudy and rainy for the last month! So of course, as I was driving to Erin and Carson’s shoot, I legit drove through a black cloud! Some how it didn’t rain, and we were 100% here for that! When Erin and I were scheduling her shoot, we decided on the day that we chose because it was actually Carson’s birthday!

After this shoot, I’m pretty convinced that a birthday photoshoot needs to be a new thing! Because, you guys…it was the best! Erin and Carson are filled with so much love for each other, which made taking their pictures SO much fun! Not only are they total babes, but they also have the kindest hearts! They welcomed be with a big hug (my favorite), right after meeting me for the first time! It made my heart so full! Long story short, these clouds for sure didn’t stop this photoshoot from being the best ever!

Isle of Palms Engagement SC Photos

Isle of Palms SC Engagement Photos


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