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How to Prepare For Your Bridal Portraits

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Are you left wondering how to prepare for your bridal portraits? Well you’re not alone! Almost every single one of my brides asks me how to prepare for their photos. It makes sense! There is a lot that goes into getting bridal ready! Which is why I wanted to walk through some tips to have your bridal portraits go as smooth as possible!

1.) Bring a Helper

I put this one first for a reason! It is not a requirement at all, but I promise you, your shoot will be a lot easier if you do bring someone! Although I will be helping as well, it is easier to have those extra hands. Someone to hold your flowers when they aren’t in the photos. To help fluff your dress for this dreamy train shots. A girlfriend that will help you get that lipstick off your teeth! The list goes on. But most importantly, it’s nice to have someone there that you know to help you feel comfortable and bring out those laughs!

2.) Assume Your Hair & Makeup Will Take Longer Than You Think

I always suggest that my brides plan for their makeup to take longer than they think. When I first started shooting weddings and bridals, I had a lot of brides showing up late saying that their hair and makeup went over. Why? They gave themselves just enough time for hair and makeup before the shoot so it would be fresh! It really does make sense. But you don’t want to be in a place that makes you, your hair/ makeup artists, and your photographer feel rushed. Give yourself extra time and know that your makeup last’s a lot longer than you think. Just take it easy after you get your hair and makeup done! This is also a time to note how long the process takes. This way you can know what to expect on your wedding day and plan accordingly. Its a win, win!

3.) Ask Your Hair/Makeup Artist for Samples To-Go

Don’t be afraid to ask your hair and makeup artist for touch up samples. It is always nice to have that lipstick touch up in the middle of your photos to keep things fresh! This way you are able to keep your lipstick color consistent instead of adding your pink from home over your red from the salon! This is also a good time to see if you like how your hair and makeup was done. If not, note it to your stylist for your wedding day.

4.) Bring This Checklist!


Safety Pins

Face Powder (for touch ups)

Tissues (for blotting sweat)

Sheet (for under the dress if needed)

Comfortable shoes for walking to different locations (if needed)

Jacket or fur stole (if cold)

5.) Try to Replicate Your Wedding Day Florals

For your bridals, try to have your bouquet be a duplicate of the one you will have on your wedding day. This will help to keep your photos consistent with your wedding day. It is also a good way to make sure that you like your bridal bouquet!

6.) Have Fun!

Girl! It’s your day to feel like a princess! Don’t stress about getting the perfect photos and making sure every strand of hair is perfectly hair sprayed down. I will make sure we get gorgeous photos, but I just want you to make the best memories! Now that you know how to prepare for your bridal portraits, it is time to be yourself and have fun!

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