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Alicia Caitlyn Glow Up My Feed Challenge


This week is a very exciting week for me because I just launched the sign ups for my Glow Up My Feed Challenge! The reason why I’m excited is because I have become so invested in watching other people achieve their dreams. The kind of invested that makes me want to have hour long phone calls with people talking about how to go for their dreams. The invested that makes me genuinely feel their joy as if its my own when someone takes a leap of faith on themselves.

It has become one of my absolute favorite things. I think that all stems from how I started my business. It was scary, ridiculously vulnerable, confusing, but also exciting and thrilling. I am able to step back and see everything that my business has done for me in my life. Even in areas that I could’ve never even imagined.

But why am I telling you all of this? I’m telling you this because I know what it’s like to have that hunger to drive your business. Yet I so often see businesses fall short of their potential. Not because of the dream behind it. But because that dream and vision is not being portrayed to our audience. Look at the pictures below.

Both of these are my feed. The photo on the left was how I marketed my business 5 years ago. The photo on the right is what my feed likes like now. In both situations I was fiercely passionate about my photography business. But put yourself in my clients shoes. You are newly engaged looking for a wedding photographer to perfectly capture your day. As you begin your search, you stumble into these two feeds. Everything is the same, except for these pictures.

Which one are you about to confidently put money down for? Does the feed on the left make you want to be my client? Or is it the photo on the right that has you picturing you and your fiance on my feed and gets you genuinely excited?! I think it is safe to assume that the investment is going to the feed on the right.

Which is why I want to ask you to evaluate YOUR brand. When you go on your feed, do you think that it makes your followers genuinely excited to invest? Or even to stick around and follow? More and more people are starting to search for businesses on Instagram than ever before. It is quickly turning into a version of Google when we look at it from that perspective.

Which is why your Instagram feed is really starting to take the purpose of being just as important as your website. It is all about first impressions. It only take a matter of seconds for someone to look at your feed and decide if they are going to click away, or learn more. Not to mention, the longer people stay on your feed and click into your posts, the more likely you are to beat the algorithm…AKA more exposure.

Which is why I have packed together a FREE 5 day challenge called Alicia Caitlyn Glow Up My Feed Challenge. Because friend, it is time to have your brand shine through in your feed in ways that will bring in excited and loyal followers!

In the Glow Up My Feed Challenge I will be going over the importance of a brand story, taking content photos, editing iPhone photos, knowing what and when to post, and so much more. The challenge is packed with the very material that I personally used to improve my own feed over the years. I wanted to give you everything that I learned through trial and error. That way you don’t have to go through it yourself!

The challenge will begin on Monday September 28th and continue through Friday October 2nd. Every day you will receive an email from me in your inbox with the day’s lesson and challenge. Each day I’ll go over a different technique, as well as a photo suggestion for you to post on Instagram that day.

As I am writing this blog post, it truly makes me so pumped to know that this challenge is going to help so many brands achieve their goals. Which is why today I want to invite you to take the leap of faith on yourself and join my challenge! So if you are ready to transform your feed, click the button below to join!


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