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My Top 5 Highlights of the Summer


It seems like just yesterday I was sitting in my apartment watching the snow come down. Yet here I am writing a blog on my top 5 highlights of the summer! This year has been one that would’ve been really easy to consider it a loss. Focusing on what we WEREN’T able to do because of COVID. I definitely fell guilty to that at times. But when I step back and look, this has really been a year of so much growth, not only in my business, but also with family and friends! So many amazing things have happened! Which is why I wanted to make a blog talking about my top 5 highlights of summer and share all of the good that this year has brought! With that being said, lets get started!

1.) I Graduated From College

Hard to forget this one! After going to school for 19 years, I finally graduated!! My 4 years during college were some of the most exciting (hello 2 natty champs), trying, stressful, amazing, and fun years of my life. I didn’t get to walk across the stage because of COVID, but I think that is more symbolic than anything else. Symbolic of the fact that no matter what happens, the show still goes on. No matter the trials. If that doesn’t represent the last 4 years of my life, I don’t know what does! So by far, being able to take my graduation pictures, turn my ring, and get my diploma in the mail, was one of the best highlights of my summer! I’ll always be grateful for my little town of Clemson, but I am excited to include myself in the Clemson Alumni.

2.) Endless Beach Nights

Its no secret that I love the beach and my “cotton candy” sky nights! But this was truly one of my very favorite parts of the summer! Almost every night, I would be at the beach. Sometimes by myself, but usually with family. We would set up beach chairs and watch the sunset or go for a sunset swim. One night I even jumped in the ocean fully clothed because I forgot a bathing suit HA!

People watching, petting dogs, and watching crabs throw sand quickly became one of my favorite nightly routines on the beach. Something about watching the sun go down and turn the sky pink and orange while waiting for the stars to come up. But I have to say, one of my favorite nights is when the bright red harvest moon came over the ocean! Honestly, I’m realizing how much I could write on this section, so I will keep it at that haha! Maybe a separate blog post to come!

3.) I Was a Bridesmaid & A Photographer In My Friends Wedding

This was not just a highlight of my summer, but truly a highlight of the year! Monica and I have been friends since we were 8. We said ever since we were little that we were going to be in each others weddings one day. Of course when we said that, we knew nothing about what that day would look like, when it would be, or who we would marry. But we knew that without a doubt, we would have each other as part of it.

Very little did we know though that I was also going to be the photographer for her wedding! There was nothing more amazing than being able to provide someone I love so much with the photos that she will cherish forever! Not to mention, it’s already been decided that she will play the violin to Canon in D as I walk down the isle on my wedding day haha! I guess we are just big wedding people ha!

4.) I Took My Best Friends Engagement Photos

Okay, where to even begin on this one! Kathryn and I met at an INSANE time in our lives. We were both living in Durham because of a transplant. She was on the list for lungs and liver, and my mom was on the list for lungs. We were the only ones remotely our age, and we both loved the Bachelor, and Starbucks refreshers. So naturally, we became best friends! Kathryn and Kenneth were dating all through her transplant. They went through things most people who have been together for 30 years haven’t even gone through! So being able to capture such a time of celebration and love for them is by far one of my very favorite things I have ever done.

Not to mention, we took these pictures on a beach in Georgia COVERED in drift wood and it has been on my bucket list forever! During the same weekend, Kathryn asked me to be a bridesmaid in her wedding, she made me a birthday cake and tostadas, AND we got to ride on the same boogie board to catch a wave at the beach. Forever in love with this memory.

5.) I Got To Surprise My Nephew After Almost 1 Year Of Not Seeing Each Other

I hadn’t seen my nephew since last Thanksgiving, which was the worst because we were used to seeing each other pretty frequently. We have had lots of FaceTime dates and I got to watch him grow smarter and taller over the phone. He has been wanting to come see us for so long and always asks to come see “Auntie Leasha”, but it has always been too risky with COVID. But last weekend, we were finally able to see each other!

Except, I didn’t tell him I was coming for his birthday party! When I got there, we danced together, ate lots of pizza, and opened gifts. I’m sure you can guess that a lot of them were Spiderman related lol. We spent the night laughing together as a family and sharing memories. Actually laughing to the point of tears..for hours. Then the next morning, my mom, sister, and I all went to SkyTop apple orchard to get the best donuts ever.

Overall, this summer has been filled with so many great times. I will always be grateful for the year of 2020 because it brought me these memories. I hope you guys enjoy my highlights of the summer!

Highlights of the Summer


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