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5 Tips For Getting Ready Photos To Be The Best

Wedding Tips

Getting ready photos are some of the most important photos! They set the mood for the whole day. This is when you put on the perfect shade of lipstick to see your groom for the first time. When your mom helps you put on those perfect shoes that you chose with a vision. It is when you put on your grandmothers jewelry that she wore to marry your grandfather many years ago. It captures the slow moments filled with anticipation and wonder of the day that sits ahead. These photos are not to be overlooked! You want these photos to be special and sentimental. Which is why I am coming at you with the tips that will make all of the difference in your getting ready photos! With that being said, here are your tips for getting ready photos!

1.) Choose A Room With Windows

Windows are a girls best friend in a getting ready room. The more windows, the better! Natural lighting is so important for those even skin tones and details. Rooms with a brighter feel overall, always photograph better. Not to mention, your hair and makeup crew will be very thankful as well. Which in turn, you will be thankful for also!

2.) Declutter The Room Before Getting Ready Photos

This is a big one! Before your photographer arrives for photos, you will want to clear the room of any clutter. Water bottles, left over lunch, makeup bags, random hangers, etc. By clearing the room of clutter ahead of time, you are saving your photographer so much time to be able to put towards shooting beautiful photos, rather than moving items. Its a win win! This also gives such a timeless look to photos without having any distracting elements in the back.

3.) Make Sure You Have Space For Getting Ready

You will be surprised with how much room it takes to get ready for a wedding. 6+ girls and a bride going into full glam mode is not to be underestimated! And don’t forget to find a room with a lot of outlets and space for everyone to get ready. Not to mention your photographer, videographer, and their second shooters will also need to be in the room. Additionally, when it comes to taking photos, you will want the space to be able to get shots with your dress. Dresses can take up a lot of space, and the last thing you want is to feel like Cinderella trying to fit into a pumpkin! The more space in the room, the more your photographer will be able to move around and capture the overall setting of the day!

4.) Remember Your Guys Getting Ready Photos Too!

I have often seen it where my girls getting ready room is gorgeous! Big windows, white walls, a lot of space, no clutter. Then I go to the guys room and they are in a small, dark, and cluttered room! The guys getting ready photos are just as important. Although they may not take as long to get ready, we still want to capture those special getting ready moments. Messing around with this guys, putting his jacket on, combing his hair in the mirror, and so much more! So remember, natural light, space, and declutter!

5.) Consider An Airbnb for Getting Ready Photos

I am a HUGE supporter of this one! You may have found the perfect venue that you can’t imagine getting married anywhere else! But, then you realize that they don’t have any getting ready rooms with space or natural light. The last thing I want you to do is change your dream location for beautiful getting ready photos. The good news is, you don’t have to make the trade! Airbnb has been a life saver for so many of my brides! Not to mention, it feels like a fun little getaway before you get to say I Do. Although a hotel could be a good option, a lot of times you are dealing with blue carpets, yellow walls, and awful hotel bedding in the back of every photos. Unless your hotel has a beautiful setup, I would definitely suggest renting a house! I’m telling you, you will not regret this choice! Hello beautiful photos!

Tips For Getting Ready Photos

Tips For Getting Ready Photos

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