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I’m Moving From Atlanta!


Many of you might not know, but I am actually just completing an internship in Atlanta to be able to graduate from Clemson University! Fingers crossed, I will be graduating in August with a Graphic Communications major!! The excitement level is real you guys! With that being said, it is time to pack up my boxes and head back to Pawley’s Island! This is a bitter sweet move since I loved my time in Atlanta, so I wanted to make a blog post as a little spark notes of my favorite things about living in Atlanta for the last 4 months. Here we go!

1.) The Food is the Best!!

You guys… the food! I am from Florida, and I come from an Italian blood line, so I’m pretty picky about good food! I’ve got to say, Atlanta showed up! I happened to be only 5 minutes from one of my favorite Italian restaurants EVER, Luciano’s Ristorante Italiano! Their garlic bread and chicken parmesan are to die for! Along with everything else, but these are my favorites! Even after we were all put under quarantine, I still picked up food from them all the time!

Another restaurant that I became addicted to is Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen! You may think that you’ve had shrimp before, but you really haven’t until you’ve had theirs! I’ve also had their seafood pasta and wow…just wow! If you guys are ever in the area, it is definitely a great place to get a taste of Louisiana seafood!

Lastly, Atlanta Breakfast Club is absolutely AMAZING! Be sure if you want to go here to put your name on the list a couple of hours before you want to eat. It is definitely a wait, but very worth it! I have had their shrimp and gravy biscuit, chicken and waffles, and their french toast! SO amazing!

2.) The Atlanta Botanical Gardens

I only went to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens once but, it was absolutely gorgeous! I went with my mom during the Orchid festival and we were surrounded by the most beautiful colors. Not to mention they had free ice cream that day! What a win. If you guys ever get a chance to go, you don’t want to miss it! It is 100% worth the money if you are a flower person like me!

3.) Passion City Church

Oh boy, do I have a lot to say about Passion City Church! This was the church that I went to every week up until it was closed. I was still able to watch their sermons online which was still so amazing to be a part of. Passion City is where I heard some of the most life changing sermons and met some of my closest friends that I know I will have for a lifetime. If you are ever in the area, be sure to check them out! Even if you won’t be in the area, all of their sermons are online right now, and they are amazing!

4.) My Internship!

I did my internship at WestRock, and they were a great company! I am thankful for my time there, especially since it helps me get that much closer to getting my degree! I learned a lot and met some really great people! Here are some photos of me being a total dork and getting really excited over small things! All the way from my first day photo to my last day in the office photo!

5.) Downtown Atlanta

There are so many things to say about Downtown Atlanta! There is a little something for everyone. My personal favorite’s are Ponce City Market and the Coca-Cola Museum! Downtown is what makes Atlanta…well, Atlanta! Atlanta is full of beautiful wall murals, unique shops, and yummy food! If you are making the move to Atlanta or even just stopping by, I’d definitely suggest finding some fun things to do here!

That’s a wrap you guys! As I close on my time in Atlanta, I’m happy to be able to share some highlights from my move with you all! Moving to a big city without knowing a single soul was definitely a leap of faith for me, but I wouldn’t change my decision even for a second. With that being said, I’m going to wrap up so I can continue to pack up some boxes. Onto the next chapter!


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