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3 Things Everyone Should Ask Themselves When Choosing a Wedding Photographer

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Choosing a wedding photographer can be intimidating. I mean, it’s not something that most people are used to doing! The options are overwhelming, and it’s easy to get lost! With that being said, your girl is here to help! By asking yourself these 3 things, you will be able to not only narrow down your search list, but also be able to find your dream photographer! Let’s get started!

1.) Do You Love Their Style?

This may seem like a given, but there is more to it than just seeing a pretty photo. There are several different photography styles to consider when choosing a wedding photographer. The most important thing to consider is which style catches your attention and makes you stop your rapid scroll on Instagram? Are you in love with the light and airy feel or are you more drawn to dark and moody photos?

It is important to note that photographers will not change their editing style for you. We all want our clients to love their photos so much, but we want them to love our style rather than wishing we could replicate someone else’s work. This is the same reason why 99.999% of wedding photographers won’t give out their RAW wedding files. For those that don’t know, a RAW file is an un-edited image, straight from the camera. The editing process is what makes us unique! If you don’t like a photographer’s style, don’t try to get them to change. Keep looking, and there will be one that fits your perfectly!

Another aspect to consider is how the photographer poses their clients. Does their work seem more traditional and posed or are they packed with candids? Which style would you feel most comfortable in? The proof is in their work! Take some time to scroll through their pages to see what catches your attention. What are you scrolling past? What posing style seems to be more fitting to you? Find which style fits you best, even beyond the editing.

The real question to ask is what style can you see yourself in? When you look at this photographers photos, do you picture yourself in them? Does the shear fact of being behind that photographers lens make you so excited because you know that you are going to LOVE the photos?! Are you so ready to be one of the brides that the photographer posts about on social media? If you said no to any of those, you should cross that one off your list!

2.) Do You Trust Them to Shoot Your Wedding?

Again, you guys may be thinking, yeah Alicia… we figured that much! Once again, there’s more to it! Do you trust this photographer enough to know they will get the shots you want? To the point where you don’t feel the need to send them your wedding Pinterest board with 3,000 photo ideas in it?

Another question to consider is if you trust this person to say when the best time to get photos is? Your wedding photographer plays a HUGE role in creating your wedding day timeline! More than a lot of people truly realize until they are planning their wedding. So take my word for it, you are going to want a photographer that you trust!

Do you trust this photographer to know where to take the best photos? Often times, wedding photographers are put in a place of having to tell a couples that photos in a certain area are not going to look good for certain reasons. Will you trust their backup location that they suggest in result of this?

Ultimately, you have to trust your wedding photographer. Not only will it give your photographer more confidence that you trust them, but you will also be more confident in your wedding photos AND wedding day! Not everyone is a perfect fit for each other, and that’s okay! Just make sure that that you find one who is!

3.) Do You Feel That They Are There For YOU?

This one is big. You want a photographer that is looking out for you. One that has a plan B and C. A photographer that you can rely on to have your back and keep your wedding going strong, even when your wedding day doesn’t go as planned. It is important to find a photographer who is focused on making YOU feel good in the photos and not just getting a photo that they want for their feed.

I always tell my couples that from the moment they book me, I am more than just your wedding photographer. As a wedding photographer, I am also your friend, someone to ask questions, and make sure everything is going okay during wedding planning. I have even sat on the floor with a bride on her wedding day sharing my pretzel snacks with her and talking her through a stressful wedding detail as a friend!

You guys, this point is so important! You want to be able to feel like they are your long long best friend that has your back in ALL aspects of the wedding! Looking out for YOU and not their portfolio. Have they made it evident that they can be trusted? Are their reviews raving with people who wouldn’t have it any other way than to have that photographer shoot their wedding because of everything they did?

When choosing a wedding photographer, it is most important that you feel the connection! Don’t be afraid to reach out for a chat before you book them! Observe how they go about answering your questions and helping you out! At the end of the day, you want someone who’s style has you swooning, that you know you can trust for great photos, and that they are there for YOU! If you feel a strong yes towards all of those, then go book that photographer!!

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