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What To Wear For Your Engagement Photos


The absolute number 1 question that I get asked from my couples is what to wear for your engagement photos. I mean it makes sense! It’s not everyday that you take your engagement photos. Not to mention, you probably aren’t in front of a professional camera that much either! It can be intimidating at first, and the last thing you need is to be wondering if you wore the right outfit. If you feel stumped, let me tell you…you’re not alone. That is why I have written up this blog to help all of the couples in love out there nail their engagement photos!

1.) Wear Clothes That are YOU!

This one is probably the one that I will stress the most. Do NOT change who you are or what you love just because you think it will make a better photo. AKA, don’t pull up in a Lily Pulitzer dress because you think the colors will make awesome photos, if you are really a girl that loves her neutrals.

Want to know what outfit is really going to make the best photos? The one that you feel most comfortable in! Because when you feel comfortable in what you are wearing, you are going to feel more comfortable being yourself in front of the camera and opening up. Which will make the best photos that you will want to share with your great grandchildren. You will want to tell them, this photo represents us perfectly. Not, wow look at how my dress popped.

As I move on to the next points, I want you to know that you should work them all around this one point. Because it is truly the most important!

2.) Don’t Be Too Matchy Matchy

Think 2014 Pinterest for a minute… not a good look, right? My first thought was a couple in matching blue jeans and a white shirt. Anyone else have this thought pop into their head? I realize that the image I just painted is a bit extreme, but I have seen something not too far from it several times. No worries, that’s why I am here! Do not feel like you need to match your partner to get good photos!

On the flip side, don’t be polar opposites either. It is not a good look to be in a bright red dress, and have your guy in a purple shirt! The key is to coordinate with each other, but not be too matchy matchy or completely different. This can be done a few ways. For example, one of you could wear an accessory that is the color of the others outfit. Or you could jump the idea of having the same color completely and just have colors that are in the same color scheme. Another option, is to wear colors that compliment each other. For instance, if your guy wears white, then you could wear a color that dusty blue or a beige dress.

When choosing colors, just think about what is easy on the eye, yet still shows you guys off! Go ahead and try on some outfits ahead of time, see what works and what doesn’t. Maybe even get some opinions from your friends and family… or even your photographer!

3.) Choose Colors That Compliment Your Skin Tone

The is a great point to lead into after point #2. Choosing a color to wear is different for everyone. This is why I don’t usually give my couples specific colors to wear. Because 1.) I want you to wear what makes you, YOU 2.) Certain colors look different on different people.

I use an article on Stitch Fix to help my clients figure out which skin tones they have, and what colors look best with those skin tones! To get access to this article, click HERE. Go ahead and try some colors on ahead of time and see what looks best! It is easy, depending on your skin, to get washed out by the colors you choose. However, you also don’t want the colors to take away from what the photos are really about…you and your fiance!

4.) Consider Your Location

Once again, it is hard to set a standard outfit guide, because it varies depending on location. If you are taking your photos in lush garden, it might not be best to wear green or black. It is important to make sure that you aren’t blending in with your surroundings. However, you also don’t want to be a so bold that it doesn’t make sense in the setting. For example, if you are taking your engagement photos on the beach, you might not want to wear intensely bold colors like neon. Pastels often work in many locations, however sometimes its fun to invite a little pop as well. This is your chance to get creative and see what works best for you!

5.) Wear Outfits that Flatter Your Body Type

This is a big one when choosing what to wear for your engagement photos. I will tell you right now, I am NOT a photographer that will photoshop you to get you to your ideal weight. I am not in the business of changing who people are. However, I AM in the business of making people feel GREAT as who they are! I am careful to pose people in a way that accentuates areas that they love. While also avoiding posing them in ways that are going to show off areas that they are insecure about. With that being said, choosing an outfit to do the same is very important. Every body is different, and we should love that about ourselves! I often refer back to another article from Stitch Fix, to help my clients figure out what body type they have, AND help them figure out how to dress to accentuate their body type! You can grab that link HERE!

6.) Have An Outfit Change

I always love to give my couples the chance to have an outfit change. If your photographer does not bring it up, ask them if they could make time for you to have an outfit change. Because my friends, it is ALWAYS a win! I typically tell my couples to start off with a more casual outfit, and then as we get closer to that golden hour, to switch into their more formal or dressy wear. I have noticed that my girls LOVE a good dress shot at golden hour!

Having an outfit change not only allows you to get comfortable behind the camera starting in some more casual clothes, but it also allows you to get more variety! No need to feel bad about sharing hordes of your engagement photos on your Insta. With an outfit change, you will have a wide variety to choose from so you don’t feel like you are always looking at the same photos. It gives you and your fiance a chance to show off more of who you guys are, and to have some fun!

Overall, I hope this blog has been a great help to choosing what to wear for your engagement photos. Just remember to be yourself, and the rest will fall into place! Good luck!

what to wear for your engagement photos
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