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How To Choose Your Wedding Florist with Willow Event Designs

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Floral by Willow Event Designs

I am very excited about this blog, because today we are talking about how to choose your wedding florist! So of course I had to bring in one of my favorites, Willow Event Designs! Willow Events always brings the most beautiful and unique florals to any event they work. Any time I have worked with them, they always take the vision and run with it to create such stunning work. When I sat down with Jessie, the owner of Willow Event Designs, we talked about all of her floral dreams for 2021! All of the talk got me so excited (because your girl loves her floral) to share with YOU guys about how to find the perfect wedding florist. When choosing your wedding floral, it goes beyond so much more than just finding an Instagram with pretty floral. Although that’s important, there is so much more to it. With that being said, here are 5 tips that Jessie shared on how to choose your wedding florist!

1.) Choose a wedding florist whose aesthetic best aligns with yours.

This one is important to remember! Just because a florist has a beautiful aesthetic, doesn’t mean that they have your aesthetic. It can be easy to see their feed and get caught up with the arrangements. Instead, really sit back and ask yourself if you can see their floral on your wedding day. Does their aesthetic match the vision that you have for your wedding day, as well as your overall style? Be sure to look at several photos from their portfolio to get a wide scope of what they produce. This way you can get a true idea of their aesthetic and then step back to see if it truly matches what you envisioned for your wedding day.

2.) Look for a wedding florist who is passionate and has creative energy!

It is one thing to find a florist who can throw a bouquet together, but it is another thing to have a wedding florist that can bring your vision to life. Not only bring it to life, but to bring it to even more than what you could have dreamed! You want to walk into a floral meeting and walk away feeling so excited about the ideas that they brought to the table! This is why it is so important to choose your wedding florist by looking at their passion and energy for the craft. You don’t want a florist that is just going to copy a cookie cutter Pinterest photo. You want a florist that is going to make YOUR floral the one that people GO TO for inspiration!!

3.) Have a floral budget established.

By having your floral budget established, you will find that the whole process will be much smoother. Once you have your set budget, you will be able to weed out which florists are out of your budget. This way you do not spend a ton of time talking with florists that you can’t even work with. Once you establish a budget, you can really hone in on which florists will work best for you. Additionally, when you actually find your wedding florist, by having your budget established it helps your florist to better guide you on what they can provide for you. It also helps you to not go over budget! This is one of those things that helps everyone involved!

4.) Be ready to share some inspiration photos that portray your aesthetic, but trust their creative process.

When going into your floral appointment, it is good to get some inspiration! However, inspiration is the key word there! Let Pinterest and inspiration photos guide you down a path, but also be sure to find a florist that you trust to actually bring your vision to life. If you truly trust your florists creative process, you won’t feel the need to make sure that they are placing every single stem in the exact location that it is on Pinterest. If you feel the need to do this with a florist, they aren’t for you! When you can truly sit back after giving them your inspiration photos and trust that they will bring your vision to life in a creative way, then you have found your wedding florist! The less stress about your big day, the better!

5.) Allow them to create an environment that is unique to your vision and captures the spirit of your love story!

No wedding day is the same. Everyone has a different vision, varying preferences, unique love stories, different friends and family members, and so much more! This is why you should let your wedding florals represent that! Find a wedding florist that asks you questions about your love story and why you chose the vision you did for your wedding. When you find a florist that is truly invested in YOU and the why behind it all, they will be sure that your floral reflects that. The flip side to that is to trust their process to create this vision! If your florist matched up with all of the other points that we have talked about so far, they will most definitely thrive in this area as well! Send them the inspiration, share your story, and let them create the magic!

So friends, there you have it! Jessie at Willow Event Designs shared some amazing tips that will leave you finding the perfect wedding florist! When you go to choose your wedding florist, be sure to refer back to these points and you are guaranteed to land the florist of your dreams! Overall, it is important to find someone who matches your aesthetic, fits your budget, and who you trust enough to have creative freedom to run with your inspiration. Happy planning!

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